The Rise and Fall of a Kid King

Pastor Ken


Jun 9, 2024

Sermon Notes

Intro. Isaiah 6:1-9 KJV King Uzziah died, Isaiah announces coming Babylonian captivity

King Uzziah II Chronicles 26
I. The Nature of His Success v.1-7
A. Defeated His Enemies v.6-7
B. Prospered Materially v.8-10
C. Was Respected Internationally v.8,15
II. The Secret of His Success – Marvelously Helped v.15
A. Helped by God v.7
B. Helped Himself v.8-10
C. Helped by People v.13
III. The Danger of His Success
A. He Became Proud v.16
B. Disobeyed God v.16-18
C. He Failed – Leprosy v.19-23 NIV
IV. Us as Individuals and a Congregation
A. Nature of Our Success
B. Secret of Our Success
C. Acknowledge God, All Glory to Him

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