Life Groups

Led by: Open

The reason for a Life Group Ministry is basically to provide a more intimate setting and individual way to share Christ with members of the church and community.

Reasons for Life Groups:

  • It provides an opportunity to ask questions
  • It provides multiple points of entry into the larger church
  • It provides a very effective personal form of evangelism
  • It is a very effective way to truly care for people
  • It accelerates the spiritual growth of individuals in the church
  • It shifts the workload of the church to the people and fulfills Ephesians 4

Life Groups allow more people to learn and share the vision of the church and of Christ. It allows the pastor to reach more people by utilizing the people of the church to share with others on a personal and effective level.

At LifeSpring we want to reach out and provide Bible Study and Life Studies with more people in small and effective groups, tailored for a specific audience in each group. It will help grow individuals’ faith and knowledge while also training leaders for the church.