Hedi Henninger

Finance Manager

Heidi Henninger is the daughter of our former pastor, Rev. M.L. Bennett. Before moving to Virginia in late 2021, she was the Director of Music & Worship and Finance Manager.

She continues her work as the Finance Manager remotely from Virginia. She has been in this position since 2015.  If you would like further information about her backgrounds, the following is a “biography” of her time at LifeSpring.

She has been involved in the music ministry at LifeSpring Assembly of God since she was a small child. She began playing for the choirs at LifeSpring at the age of 12 (then known as Calvary Temple). By the age of 15 she was playing for all worship services and at the age of 19 was directing choirs (both children and adult). At the age of 20 she began coordinating the musical worship portion of our services.

Heidi continued to be the Worship Coordinator at LifeSpring Assembly of God until 2010 when she was diagnosed with a rare disease, Sinus Histiocytosis (aka Rosai Dorfman) of which there is no cure and no actual known treatment. She took a break from her music at that time to concentrate on her health. Over the next five years she went through one year of chemotherapy, two rounds of radiation and numerous surgeries. In 2015, however, her doctors declared she was in remission and it was very doubtful the disease would return. Heidi believes that this was a miracle of God as there have been many others with this disease who have not been cured. Her testimony of what God brought her through is amazing, but too lengthy for this section. 

Heidi returned to her position as Worship Coordinator in 2015 and continues to praise and worship and thank the Lord through her music for his wonderful and incredible gifts and mercies he has poured out upon her life. In job before she became ill, Heidi was the Operations Manager of a computer training company in Riverside. She also did bookkeeping and accounting for this business which prepared her for her position as Finance Manager  at LifeSpring.

Heidi studied music at Vanguard University and became an ordained minister through the Christian National Church in 2016. She is married to her husband of 24 years, Barry Henninger and has two “bonus” children,  Alexandra (30) and Garrett (28). She is also “mommy” to Lucy, her 11 year old Min Pin/Rat Terrier whom she loves dearly.